Do you have a client that does not have Social Security Benefits or has little to no income, wants to work, and is need of residential treatment?

• Do you not have residential/vocational services readily in your area, but your client is a resident of NC, and wants to work/live independently?

• Does your client have Social Security Benefits, but still wants to work? Does your client want to work, and desires residential treatment, but doesn't want to pay out of his/her Social Security check?

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Caramore participants begin paid work immediately, do not need any financial resources to join, and can come from anywhere in NC. Once they get here, perhaps they will be amongst the majority that are successful.

Caramore Success Rates

Over fiscal year 2011-2012 - Caramore was able to place 27 of it's 29 admitted clients in community jobs. That is, 93% of admissions resulted in competitive community employment.

As a Community Rehabilitation Provider, Caramore is successfully achieving it's contracted outcomes of having participants working 120 days or more on a community job. As a matter of fact, in fiscal year 2011- 2012, Caramore was 48% better than the state average of Community Rehabilitation Providers with respect to this benchmark.

In fiscal year 2011- 2012, 97% of Caramore participants believed their quality of life improved as a result of being a part of the program.

Solution-Focused, Pragmatic Engagement

Over fiscal year 2011-2012, Caramore administered the UCSD Performance-Based Skills Assessment (UPSA). We assessed participants before admission, and again after they successfully completed the program. For those participants receiving both residential and vocational services, they were tested on their overall functionality with respect to Organization/Planning, Financial Skills, Communication Skills, Understanding of Public Transportation, Household Skills, and Medication Management.

Those participants admitted during fiscal year 2011-2012 that completed the program showed marked improvements in these domains, with the greatest improvement in Organization/Planning, Household Skills, and Financial Skills. After conducting T-scores to analyze the two test administrations, we can say with 98% confidence that they have improved markedly since their participation at Caramore. Our approach to helping our participants take ownership of their finances, households, and affairs of responsibility, is successful. We believe in natural consequences, intentional engagement, and wrap around support, all part of our clients becoming WISE.

Care Coordination

Caramore participants would simply not be successful without the close relationship Caramore has with outpatient clinicians. For those participants we serve that do not have their own transportation, Chapel Hill has a free bus system enabling many of our participants to make it to their appointments on their own, but if they are unable to use the bus, we provide transportation as needed. We see the value in our clients attending medication management and therapy appointments. We keep up with adjustments to our participant's medications, monitor their symptoms, make sure they made it to appointments, and communicate with their outpatient clinicians to help them sustain their stability.


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