Hire an Individual from Caramore --- Change a person's Life!

We Partner with Employers in our Community who really make a difference.

Caramore’s expertise is getting an individual "job ready" and prepared for working in the community.

We do this by immersing participants in our own “work adjustment” program for a couple of months, whereby individuals can develop and hone the basic job skills we all need to have: punctuality, initiative, cooperative effort, politeness, positive attitude, and taking ownership of one's job. We stress accountability and responsibility for an individual's actions. We help our clients overcome the side effects of their illness, not be ruled by them.

Once these soft skills are absorbed and mastered, we feel an individual is ready for a job in the community.

Our job counselors work with our clients every step of the way, on all components of pre and post job placement. The counselors do a lot of counseling, but it is the client who does the job day-in and day-out.

If it weren’t for the help of some wonderful employers in our community, Caramore simply could not exist. Caramore and clients work extremely hard to maintain great relationships with our employers. We actually function as a kind of employment agency --- providing local employers with suitable employees who have been screened and mentored for the positions. Our faith and commitment to our clients as workers, our ability to provide competent employees on short notice, our being on call to assist in any problems, all work to benefit employer and employee.

Our employers are pleased to have the chance to give our clients the opportunity to work. In fact, that's our guiding principle when seeking employment for our participants --- Just give us the opportunity to show what we can do. We don't want hand-outs --- we want solid opportunities for our clients to do a meaningful and productive job.
Here are some of the businesses who provide Caramore participants with the opportunities to be successful:

Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse

Everything you need for your home and customer service with a smile.

McLaurin Parking

Serving the parking needs of UNC Hospital and campus

UNC at Chapel Hill

One of the oldest and best universities in the country

Carol Woods and Carolina Meadows Retirement Communities
Taking care of all the needs of their senior residents

Caramore greatly appreciates its partnership with SunTrust Bank;
together we are making a positive impact on those living with mental illness.

Fashion and furnishings at great prices

Great food and service

We Need More Employers to Give us a Chance!

Why not be one of our partners, and just give a Caramore participant the "opportunity" to show you what he or she can do. It can be part time or full time, doesn't matter ... the chance and opportunity is all we ask. You not only will be pleased to have a solid employee, you'll also have the added reward of knowing you are providing a meaningful opportunity to a person who truly has worked hard and earned the chance.


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