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Blake Rothwell
Admissions Coordinator
(919) 967-3402 extension 105

If you are interested in Caramore services for yourself or someone else, you will need to speak with Blake. He will explain the program to you, listen to your needs, and will explore the possibility of you or someone else's participation at Caramore.

Every client who comes to Caramore benefits from a wide range of services and personalities from our diverse staff. Right now we have 12 full time staff people, working to help Caramore participants in improving their lives. Equally as important, we have 14 dedicated part time staff, working around the clock, providing a continuous network of additional services in all aspects of our clients' lives.

Half of our staff are former Caramore clients. These Caramore alumnae provide a rich tapestry of experience, talent, wisdom, practical knowledge, and passion for establishing helpful relationships with our clients. They can act as mentors and peers, in ways that are uniquely suited for individuals who have a mental illness. The combination of of all these things has helped us develop a staff that is uniquely suited for us to carry out our mission.

All of our staff receive ongoing training in the areas necessary to provide the quality of services we pride ourselves in. We have a wide range of cultural, ethnic, and educational back grounds that reflect our belief in establishing a multifaceted environment for our clients to thrive in.

Caramore builds it's successes on two guiding principles ---- 1) Providing a solid program of practical and integrated services, and 2) Developing good relationships between staff and clients. One cannot work without the other. In fact, we feel that the best program in the world (ours) is only as effective as the special people who are involved within it, building trust and providing support through caring relationships.

We value your input on anything you have to say about our company, our website, our material, or our services. Please let us hear from you by phone, mail, or email. Thanks.

Caramore Staff - (919) 967-3402

Samantha "Sam" Goldston
Admin Assistant
919-967-3402 extension 104

Sam is the eyes and ears of the front desk at the administrative office. With warmth and attentiveness, she greets anyone who walks through the doors, and keeps up with many of Caramore's administrative processes.

Ted McCreary
Employment Services Director
(919) 967-3402 extension 109

Ted coaches Caramore clients into getting community jobs, and has a long-standing, proven track record of being successful at it. Ted is constantly working and thinking of ways to help Caramore clients secure competitive employment.

Amy Fitzwater
Mental Health Coordinator
(919) 967-3402 extension 103

Low key and quietly efficient, Amy coordinates every client's mental health treatment, and serves as an advocate. She works to make sure clients are taking their medications as prescribed and keeping up with their appointments.

John Hajenga
LC Production Manager
(919) 967-3402 extension 113

John oversees our Landscaping crews, helping each client develop work skills in preparation for a community job. With humor and understanding, John is exceptional at motivating people to work.

Tanya Beairs
CaraClean Manager
(919) 967-3402 extension 108

Tanya runs our Cleaning crews, carefully supporting and mentoring our clients towards realizing their job potential. Tanya works hard to help our clients develop the skills necessary to handling the rigors of community employment and supervision.

Martha Bollinger
Executive Secretary
(919) 967-3402 extension 101

Martha is the secretary to Caramore's CEO. Martha keeps the office running efficiently, handles the billing, and assists outside agencies in using the Caramore facilities for events and meetings.

David Chapman
(919) 967-3402 extension 106

With focus on quality, integrity, and our clients' welfare, David leads Caramore. He oversees Caramore with grace, wisdom, and experience. David is always willing to listen.

Scott Zimmerman
Program Director
(919) 967-3402 extension 110

Scott ensures that all of the components of the Caramore program are working together cohesively and effectively. He maintains the structure and routine vital to helping our participants be successful.


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